About & More

YYNSH. How do you read five letters of consonants without any vowels?

Let’s read YYNSH as YEYENNIISH 🙂

Why in the name of wordpress does she exist?

She is petite with heaps of overflowing energy. Like really, high dose of solar-fuelled-battery energy, on-and-off-and-on again. Her solar will likely runs out after two consecutive meetings, five days a week.

And she wants to share everything captured by her glasses (kacamata).

Is she from planet earth?

Yes she is. To be exact, she is from Indonesia, an archipelago of 17,000-ish islands located in Southeast Asia (where Bali is part of it, NOT located next to it).

What else does this world need to know about her?

Oh, nothing. She’s just nobody who is addicted to dark chocolate, Harry Potter, aspired to cultivate her creative mind and interest in social and development issues.


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