Reminiscing Mexican Authenticity at Taco Casa, Seminyak

It has officially been 10 years since I declared myself as a Mexican food-freak. I remember clearly that my first Mexican food was Taco but it was not even somewhere in Mexico. It was a pair of Tacos I got from Baja Fresh, a fastfood chain that serves Tex-Mex food nearby my hostfamily’s home in Wheaton, MD.

In an instant, I felt like I found the love of my life: food with spicy, juicy meat and extra spicy sauce. Eversince that day, the only dish I ordered at Baja Fresh remained the same: Taco, no-veggies, meat-only with the spicy hot salsa.

Though my hostmum once persuaded me to expand my horizon with the other menu, my love for Taco was irreplacable.


Fast forward to 2017 during my Holy Holiday in Bali last week. Finally I got to eat Taco again – I mean, really good Taco. In Jakarta there were some good Taco but the price went out the roof or some affordable Taco but the taste were far from authentic. So by the time I read some reviews about Taco Casa (on Zomato, they were rated 4.1), I had always encouraged my Uncle to go there with me.

So there we were!

Taco Casa appeared to be simply comfortable. It was a small, chill and relaxing place with a big appetite. Not too many ornaments on decorations in the small cafe, but once we take a look at it we would know immediately that the place is going to be a comfortable place to eat. 

They offered a variety of Mex food such as Enchiladas, Burrito, Tacos, Quesadilla, Fajitas, Nachos but we ordered Enchiladas and of course, the one and only: TACO!

Taco Casa menu from Zomato

It did not take long before we could enjoy our order. For the Taco, they were generous with veggies, cheddar cheese and beef. In the plate, three pieces of taco were served with sour cream and black beans. We could always choose whether we wanted to have beef, fish or chicken to go with the Taco. In order to reminisce my dream Taco, I chose beef -which fortunately were very crispy, full of flavor, and well-seasoned. One tiny piece of beef contained richness of the seasoning. Muy delicioso!

As for the Enchiladas, the tomato sauce were rich, well-seasoned and able to fulfill the empty stomach of a grown up. So by the time we finished up both of the orders, we needed some times to let our stomach relax for a bit.

For me personally, another important factor to be further examined in a restaurant is its collection of sauce. Aside of having the usual La Costeña and Tabasco, Taco Casa made their own homemade hot sauce which was quite hot really. The level of acidity was not as high as Tabasco. It was rather highlighting the local preference of saus sambal or chilli sauce. Hotter than the La Costeña’s hot sauce with a hint of sweet and savory combined.

Overall, Taco Casa was worth 4.1 rate on Zomato. Nice and cozy place, delicious food, and last but not least helpful and friendly staff (when I came they were accompanying and entertaining a toddle so his parents could enjoy dinner). 

Really, authenticity in simplicity.


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