Three and a Half Thumbs Up for Queen’s Tandoor Seminyak

Holy holidays are over. But some memories related to tummy are yet to be shared here.

My main goal when visiting other cities or countries will always be about expanding my pallette. Be it local or international food. Apparently, my Dad has such a huge concern on whether the food is halal or not. So we ended up eating another Javanese cooking or meals that can easily be found in Java island such as Rawon, Urap, Bubur Ayam, and he even opted for home-made cooking. There’s nothing wrong with home-made cooking. My Mum is a great cook! But we were in Bali where there were loads to try.

Since holiday is about something new or unusually unique, my Dad finally agreed to try out for Indian food. Thanks to my Uncle who saved up the debate and opted for his favorite cuisine (and my Aunt’s and mine): Indian food.

According to my Uncle, amongst several Indian restaurants in Bali, Queen’s Tandoor in Seminyak is the best.

Courtesy of Hriday Bhatia, Zomato

When I first stepped into the restaurant, it looked neat and rather luxurious with red and gold colors dominating the restaurant. The decoration was definitely ethnic!

We chose to sit on the corner where they have a table for six people, next to the bar table. Here’s what we ordered:

  1. Harra Bhara Kebab
  2. Prawn Dilbahar
  3. Chicken Curry
  4. Rogan Josh
  5. Fish Curry
  6. Naan bread
  7. Basmati rice
  8. Saffron rice

    Harra Bhara Kebab

    Okay, the name might sound mouthful but the food was delicious. Harra Bhara Kebab is a deep-fried patties made of potatoes, veggies, cheese, mixed with spices and covered with paneer and herbs. I could taste corriander leaves and mint in it. It looks similar to perkedel but with stronger spices and herbs and more chewy texture. One portion serves six pieces of Harra Bhara Kebab. Honestly, this dish as appetizer is definitely a show-stealer.

    Prawn Dilbahar

    Addressing my Dad’s biggest concern on halal food, he preferred to order seafood. Hence, Prawn Dilbahar.

    Prawn Dilbahar was made of Tiger Prawns marinated with spices and herbs. It was then perfectly grilled and served with veggie salad. Plus the spices and herbs made the food extraordinary. Another appetizer that awoke my appetite.

    Chicken Curry

    Getting into main course, a classic meal will always become the highlight. Chicken curry was the favorite dish of everyone on the table. The chicken was well-marinated, tender, and well-cooked. The curry? Oh man, it was super tasty! 

    Although I personally prefer a super spicy curry like the one in Go!Curry (the restaurant chain in Jakarta and Bali that serves Indian and Japanese curry rice), but this one has overcome my craving over authentic chicken curry. Since I am reducing the consumption of rice, I ate it along with the Naan bread. Heaven!

    Rogan Josh

    Lamb. Authentic Indian restaurant will never leave lamb out of it. Rogan Josh was extraordinary. The chef did a great job marinating the lamb so there was no lamb smell at all. I did not know how they cooked the lamb, but the lamb was perfectly cooked, tender, not hard to chew at all. The spices and herbs were well-absorbed in the meat that every bites of it tasted like a harmonious melody in a song.

    Fish Curry

    No stinky smell, just mouthwatering dish. However, I still prefer the chicken curry over this.

    Naan Bread

    Chewy and will fill your stomach with only three pieces of it. The bread tasted fresh with just enough savory on it.

    Basmati and Saffron Rice

    Both of these dishes shared the same ingredient: Basmati rice, a typical Indian rice with long appearance than the Indonesian rice. Saffron rice, as you might have guessed from how it’s called, is the yellow version of the Basmati rice. Both od these dishes were well-cooked, offering the solidity that Basmati rice should have. One portion of it was quite a lot for one person to finish.

    Overall, the whole family agreed that the food was the best! From the variety as well as the taste of the dish. The price? They were worthy of the dish I guess. Although I was surprised that some dishes came in smaller portion than I thought, but it was still acceptable.

    However, I was personally unfavor with the length of time they needed to prepare the dish and brought them to customers’ table. For my family’s order, we had to wait for 30 minutes until the main course came.

    Nevertheless, if you wanted to try Indian food that’s rather authentic in Seminyak, Queen’s Tandoor is the place to go, ladies! Three and a half thumbs for them!

    PS. For a more accurate info on food and restaurants in Jabodetabek and Bali area, go download Zomato. It’ll help!


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