Holy Holiday Day 5: Pandawa and the Forgotten Sunset

If you spend holidays in Bali, you should catch sunset. Otherwise your holiday is not a holiday in Bali.

Nobody believes that theory except my family and I. So throughout this seven-day holiday, we are determined to catch the beautiful sunset.

Unfortunately, Bali has been quite cloudy in the last five days.

DAY 1: Nusa Dua area, we were too late for the sunset

DAY 2: Double Six Beach

DAY 3: Ubud — we did not go to the beach as we did a friendly visit to our relatives in the Sanctuary Forest

DAY 4: Kuta Beach

DAY 5: Uluwatu Temple Beach

All of those cloudy afternoon really saddened us. But those bitterness are forgotten when we saw the beautiful, green-blueness of Pandawa Beach.

This Pandawa beach was only open for public in 2010 when the businessman who owned the land in that area built up a passage through the rock mountain. Well – he was right!

Pandawa beach has a jawdropping scenery. It’s like you’re in paradise while you’re still alive. I could really spend the whole day, staring at the sea, forgetting that I had another life in Jakarta that has been waiting for me to come back to work.

Amongst all the beaches I visited in Bali, Pandawa is best-maintained. The development in the area was massive -more road, more hotels, more cafes. You could also take a look at the seaweed farm located in the corner of the beach.

Wanna go there? Follow google maps

The best way to visit this beach is at mid-day. First, there were sufficient amount of sun light that will support you for taking instagrammable pictures. Second, the beach will show you its best side on mid-day ( best side = green-blueish sea ). Third, there is no third really. Just wanna say, ENJOY PANDAWA!


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